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After the unbridled success of Rainbow Crucifixion 1,

pSY:CO presents -

give trance a chance

LAKE COWAL is situated 47 kilometers north east of West Wyalong in central New South Wales (NSW).

In 1999, the NSW government approved the Cowal Gold Project involving OPEN CUT MINING with CYANIDE LEACHING for GOLD EXTRACTION. The only barrier between the lake and the open pit was an earth wall. Which was hardly likely to protect the lake from the disasterous effects of cyanide pollution.
Lake Cowal is NSW's largest natural inland lake. It is part of the Wilbertroy-Cowal Wetlands within a large flood plain, called the Jemalong Plain.
The lake is fed by its major tributary, Bland Creek, and sometimes fed by occasional floods from the Lachlan River. It is ephemeral (short lived, not permanent), but is substantially full for seven out of ten years.
As floods recede, Lake Cowal drains back into the Lachlan River connecting with the Murray River.
The point is that It is unacceptable to risk cyanide spills, arsenic seepage and heavy metals, to name but a few of the possible consequences of this mine, in these important sensitive wetlands. A spill of cyanide laced wastewater could severely damage the entire wetland and related waterways (Lachlan River, Murray River- which is already over-stressed by salt, nitrogen, acidity and agricultural chemicals).
Cyanide does not necessarily breakdown rapidly into safe chemicals. Many potential breakdown products are about as lethal as cyanide itself. With this region being
prone to floods these sorts of risks are vastly increased.
Contrary to gold mining industry claims, cyanide leaks and spills are commonplace in the industry. These mining accidents have poisoned entire river systems and have devastating impact on all local plant and animal life.
Lake Cowal is home to an amazing diversity of wild indigenous Australian plants and animals, including many endangered species, such as the Austral Pillwort, Winged Peppercress, Australasian Bittern, Black-necked Stork, Blue-billed Duck, Painted Snipe, Freckled Duck, Yellow-bellied Sheathtail-bat and Little Pied Bat. The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Services (NSW NPWS) states, Lake Cowal is listed on the National Estate because of the diversity and number of species that inhabit the lake.
The Lake supports fish of high conservation value such as the Silver Perch, which is protected in New South Wales; the Freshwater Catfish, which is subject to a voluntary ban by commercial fishers; and Macquarie Perch is also protected. 277 species of birds have been recorded or are considered as
possible occurrences in the Lake Cowal region. Significant numbers of migratory species listed in the China-Australia Migratory Birds Agreement,
(CAMBA) and the Japan- Australia Migratory Birds Agreement (JAMBA) use the lake as habitat. As a signatory to these two agreements, Australia is responsible for the conservation of the habitat of these listed species.
Considering that Australia has already lost or damaged 89% of its wetlands, why would we risk cyanide and arsenic poisening in the remaining waterways, not to mention, the desecration of sacred lands, the loss of Australian flora and fauna, much of which is endangered. As well as risking farm stock, the food chain and jeopardising fishing industries and most importantly, why give up our ever dwindling supplies of fresh drinking waterour most precious element!
All for a low to medium grade ore body?

Since 2002, Barrick Mining has applied 3 times for "CONSENTS TO DESTROY" all the Wiradjuri sites, under section 90 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1974. Uncle Chappy fought off the first application on the grounds of it being INVALID, the second he fought by gaining an INJUNCTION against it in the NSW Land and Environment Court. And still Barrick Mining are attempting to destroy all the Wiradjuri sites, artefacts and cultural objects, including very old Red River Gums (some of which are hundreds of years old), within the proposed gold mine area at Lake Cowal.

Currently, Barrick Gold is carrying out extensive "advanced feasibility" exploration drilling at Lake Cowal. Barrick has applied for a Mining Lease from the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) but must await for resolution with Native Title claimants before the Mining Lease can be granted. The Environmental Protection Authority must also issue a licence before mining activities can commence.
The proposed ‘Mining Lease Application’ encompasses approximately 2,650 hectares. Seventy six million tonnes of low to medium grade ore would be excavated from an open cut pit 1 kilometer wide and 325 meters deep on the lake shore and partly within the high water level of Lake Cowal to produce an estimated 2.7 million ounces of gold.

The legal battle Uncle Chappy is fighting for Native Title, is at present the single most important and effective resistance campaign in regards to saving Lake Cowal. Uncle Chappy needs as much support as possible!

Neville Williams (UNCLE CHAPPY) is a Wiradjuri Elder and Leader. His people are the traditional owners of Lake Cowal. Uncle Chappy has specifically invited us to come onto Wiradjuri Land to show support for the Lake and his people in their struggle to preserve the lake and its surroundings, from the destructive activities of 'Barrick Mining'.

"We'd like to invite everybody. It doesn't matter where you are from or who you are, Black, White or brindle. We've got a big camp going on at Lake Cowal. Bring your talent along. We can have music time and a sing-a-long, corroborree, traditional games and sportsand anything that you think would fit in. Any talent you've got, bring it along because we intend to be happy. It's going to be a beautiful time and we invite everybody near and far to come along and stand up and listen to our fight to protect Lake Cowal, our Sacred Heartland" (Uncle Chappy).

A corroborree is a sacred ceremony, a gathering of peoples around a sacred fire to sing, dance, chant etcIn this way we will be endeavouring to communicate with the spirit of the land/fire/ancestors/animals and hopefully be receptive to inspiration for protecting the Lake.

I highly recommend treading lightly on this land and being mindful of the ceremonies taking place over the weekend.

Lake Cowal is a place of Dreaming (Aboriginal Spirituality) and a Sacred Site. As well, Lake Cowal is not only home to the living Wiradjuri people but also their ancestorsthis site is where many of their people were massacred.

It is also home to many thousands of very old and ancient artefacts, above and beneath the surface..some older than the pyramids of Egypt! Please keep this in mind. And leave all objects at Lake Cowal alone, including the simplest stone or leaf from a tree.

As well, whatever you bring to the Land, you must be prepared to take home with you.


No rubbish, not even a ciggarette butt, should be disguarded. PLease be responsible with all rubbish.

As well, this is not necessarily a weekend to get maggotif you know what i meanno drugs, alcohol etc If you really need to, please be discreet and keep your menace to yourself. Be peaceful, be happy and im sure all will be well.

Uncle Chappy has designated an area 2km away from the main corroboree site for soundsystems to have their parties

So for us city folk, we need to keep in mind, our needs for the weekendthe local shops are 47km awayso we must be prepared! Most importantly, you will need to bring

WATER, to last the whole weekend or as long as you are planning to stay and a bit more!
camping stuffbedding, tents
cooking stuff
bucket (washingdishes and self)
washer, towel and toiletries
first aid favourites
torches, candles, matches, lighters, batteries
paints, artstuff
media equipment, eg: camera
wet weather stuff, including tarps, raincoats etc
mozzy repellant
cushions, chairs, tables
car stuffeg: maps, spare tyres
spare oil and feulcoolant, transmission fluidetc
whatever your car gussles.
and so on!

CAR POOLING (Sydney - Blue Mountains - Lake Cowal) ;
Car Pooling is a good idea. If you are planning to drive to Lake Cowal and dont have a full car but wouldn't mind taking some other people whom you can share the costs of transport withcan you leave your details on this forumplease make a stream called CAR POOLING FOR LAKE COWAL.

We are hoping that people make the morning of Saturday, April 10th at our Rainbow Crux. party or Katoomba, in The Blue Mountains, the meeting point for lifts going out to Lake Cowal, (as both our party and Katoomba are on the way from Sydney to Lake Cowal).

If you need a lift out there, please indicate so, on this forum and hopefully you will be sorted one way or another. (NB:Please make a seperate stream for car pooling to Lake Cowal or check out dislasystems notice to get a bus going from Sydney).

For Canberra-ites, there is plenty of info on the advertised websites about buses leaving the tent embassy for Lake Cowal. There is also a cylce to the corroborree mission leaving the tent embassy on the 5th Aprilsounds like fun!

For Melbournites, if there are any of you ready this forum and intending to come to Lake Cowallettuce know!

MORE DIRT ON BARRICK MINING: Barrick Gold is the world’s second largest gold producer and is currently facing a number of challenges to its reputation, including a share price that has dropped 13% in the last year while the price of gold has surged to a six year high. In January, New Orlean's Blanchard and Co. filed an antitrust lawsuit against Barrick Gold Corp. accusing Barrick of suppressing gold prices in the past to profit by short-selling and acquiring mines on the cheap.
Barrick also faces a US$41 million income tax assessment by Peru based on an audit of the company's Pierina mine for fiscal 1999 and 2000.
And in Chile, a dozen citizens have accused 11 foreign mining companies, including Barrick Gold of causing "moral harm" and "damage to the patrimony" of Chile.
There are also ongoing allegations against Barrick of miners being killed in Tanzania.