This page will be an attempt to document some of the systemcorrupt parties fro years past, as SYCO is leaning more into releases, than keeping the Sydney underground experimental dance music scene going (as in who cares?).

Free parties are pockets of anarchy.
There is no security or venue to pay off, everyone involves themselves willingly, for no financial gain and people are free to come and go as they please.
This is as close as we can get to expressing ourselves culturally as anarchists. But all of this has a flip side.
It means that nothing is “guaranteed”. Nothing is secure, everything mutates. You are responsible for your own personal well-being.,
and ideally looking out for the wellbeing of those around you.
The free party is a microcosm of a free society, you become (cease to become?) a citizen of this temporary community when you choose to enter.
There are no bouncers with metal detectors at the door to keep crazies away, in fact, there is no door at all!
What this means, is that you should always be aware of who is standing next to you, where your friends are, and where to find help, if need be.
If there is any trouble, or people doing dodgy stuff (harassing, stealing bags etc) make others aware and do whatever you can to stay together in central group. Handle volatile, aggressive vibes with firm but positive action, let people know that they are part of the party. Include them.
The best way to deal with groups of "“outsiders” or the “threat of trouble-makers" is to include them as individuals,
by approaching the most approachable ones and engaging them in a positive way, let them know they are as welcome as anyone.
Stand your ground but don't be threatening, try not to flinch. Once they realise they won't find the trouble (negative reaction) they are looking for,
they will probably leave. Always treat others with the same respect and vibe that you youself expect.
You cannot afford to be a passive spectator, you must be an active participant in the zone you are part of. You are responsible for you self and your own actions, therefore affecting your experience and the night as a whole. If you intend to get in a state where you are not aware of what is going on around you (whether on drugs, or just crashing out somewhere because you are tired) make sure someone you trust is constantly with you.
Otherwise stay at home. Drugfucked people who cant look after themselves are a jeapordy to themselves and a liability to the whole free party scene. If you still havent gotten over “getting trashed” yet, go back to the clubs and raves until you are ready to party safely and responsibly.

It goes without saying that you shouldnt leave anything lying around unattended, that includes your own trash! In particular whipped cream bulbs (pick them up afterwards, you mong!), McDonalds packaging (.....????), old couches, countless beer bottles (PLEASE BRING CANS ONLY) and worst of all, human faeces and used tissues. I know, I know, Its 2am, your drugs are kicking in and you suddenly have an irrational, untimely urge to purge your bowels. Not wanting to miss to much of the party you wander out of sight of the dancefloor and drop your payload discreetly behind a tree. After a couple of wipes with the kleenex, you head back to the dancefloor, knowing that the darkness has concealed your crime. But as always, the sun rises, and what seemed like a polite distance from the party earlier, turns out to be in plain sight, on a well used nature trail. And guess what? Someone has to clean it up and all the other little surprises.. Hey, even cats can dig a hole for it, so come on. Bring a small shovel or use your hands to dig a hole. Plastic bags are another option. Dog owners seem to have mastered the technique of picking up a turd without getting any on their hands. For a self-sustaining movement to survive, people have to clean up after themselves.
To paraphrase Jello Biafra " Anarchy seems great until someone needs to fix the sewers". In short, free partys need the people who attend them to take responsibility for their own safety and actions.

this is not a disclaimer.

we are not selling anything.

just understand that things last longer if you dont trash them

Al Corrupt May 2001

Party 1: The Real Fuck Begin Sunday 31st Of December

Party 2: Global Autonomy

Party 3: Free NRG Future

Party 4: Distorted Break' Enter

Party 5: Eviction Party

Party 6: SY:CO in the Dessert

Party 7: SY:CO Party @ Grafitti Hall Of Fame

Party 8: JUST CORE

Party 9: SY:CO CD Launch

Party 10: Slumberparty