667U Home for 777?, Rank Sinatra, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, etc.
po box R420
royal exchange 1225 nsw
irritant records PISSTANK is a Prince!
squeakyfrom This is gonna be BIG, one day?
Black Lotus MElbourne Crew of hot stuff
Garry Bradbury WEbsite for Ex-Severed HEads Punk Kingdom
bloody fist Australian hardcore from Newcastle
Black Hoe Recordings A netlabel dedicated to Breakcore, Drum & Bass, Jungle music
core-tex labs Violence for free
eps666 Home of Epsilon and Hedonist
dual plover Post rock excrement and cheap cd duplication
dobox recordings electronic experimental music netlabel
organarchy *The kids are back!"
labrats solar powered sound system + wind powered cinema + and a van that runs on veggie oil = POLUTION FREE PARTIES
peace off records French Breakcore label
SMACK Rec Sociopatic Musicians Altering Caged Kaos - Breakcore label
combaton Frequent Coarse Hardcore
conform publications Sample everything Purchase nothing
cat Community Activist Technology
disinfo alternative news coverage
defcore french free party site with party reviews etc. (has english translation) lots of links to free party sites all over the world
insumision Hardcore gabber from Peru
loli-hunter music Japan Hardcore Gabba blowdown from Poland
schnews a very good activist news site, downloadable as PDF files for print distro
cross fade entertainment Christoph de Babalon and Paul Snowden's label promoting electronic variety
8bitrecs UK based netlabel releasing IDM & experimental stuff
d trash canadian label
sonic belligeranza italian breakcore/artcore/extreme noize label/collective
cobra killer vagary upon hysteria allover!
V/vm Test Records the best of the worst of the worst of the best
Kevin Blechdom The sun will come out, tomorrow.....
meatronic recordings experimental and noise netlabel from USA
parasite sound UK's premier breakcore blood$ucker, errr.... DEATH$UCKER!!!
Cranial Fracture Sydney based Australian Noise and Dark Ambience Label
MiLK PLUS SICKBOY is a Belgium Bother - giving breakcore a bad name...
SickMode underground breakcore and experimental electronic music by Turb0slut
C8 Breakcore? Make up your own mind.........
Subwise IDM & Experimental music Netlabel from Saint-Petersburg
A-Klass New Zealand representational break-up obscurity
Widerstand Yeah, the coolest fucking label.... 1984-1999 ummm they're not that old though
Null Object These are some new tracks by Null Object.
Renda Records this is the abomination by maruosa of Osaka
PPP Your head is P --- Nippon-core
Speedranch / Jansky Noise Break your Arm in 20 seconds