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The first Bogan effort in electronica.
True Australiana,
imagine Barnsey on meth amphetamine and bundy rum, ok, well, just imagine Barnsey, versus well, umm acca dakka and, well, some electronic shit, righto?
The long awaited opus from the
Maestro of House/Noise

Breakcore was never this lavender
toecutter page
T-shirts >>>>>>>>>
From the dark side of Merrylands
Super-emo breaks for the emotional massive

you will laugh you will cry
you'll want to die.
hugs will conquer all.
Described as the Hardcore Jivebunny, MALADROIT is one of the best steeds in these antipodean stables.
GPFS page maladroits page
PAINCD0004 "Truck Drivin Muzak" 2000-2003
"If Pain persists ...see your doctor"
Full length album from Australias finest vertically disadvantaged crooner....
Rank Sinatra
Join us as Rank maims and butchers his way through loves greatest truimphs as his recently deceased heart is bared for all.
one for the ladies

on v/vms test records
Rank page
25 butchered pop classics that have haunted the unconscious collective.
Too many tracks to list.
Compiled by 7u? and Toecutter
Sounds from Systemcorrupt and without..
Maladroit, Misanthrope, 556A, Bint,
Al Corrupt, Null Object, LCD CI, Tin.RP, Scruts with Guns, Rank Sinatra,
Pozuga, Spitshop, and more...

GPFS page
1. XXX
2. I don't belong
4. Psycho
5.Murdered with Scissors
7. Forget You Ever Existed
8. Who wants to Die?
9.Event Horrizon
10. Stigmata
11. Dance with the Dead
12.Everything Falls Apart
no frills zine, cd and patch
approriated/recontexualised/cutnpaste shennanigens with that unique Australian sense of humour compiled by 7U?
final copies
featuring artists such as....
556a, suicidal rap orgy, null object, anti kati, diablo negro, toecutter, 777?, pH, maladroit, lucas abela and much much more...
patric c
scum like us
jan ag/777?/Rank Sinatra split cd
jan ag is growling weird punk o metal
777? is cluster headache hardtech
Rank Sinatra is...well Rank Sinatra
on burning emptiness
777? page
Noise Research Program
research in the frontiers of noise-music
fetauring artists such as...Tekken, The guy who invented fire, 7U?, Tin.RP, ultra milkmaids and more...

on burning emptiness
Puzahki - Smoking When Pregnant
1 Pc(Ar)- Kiss of Death
2 Anime Squash Court
3 Swiss Jazz
4 Suffocating Matt Pt 2
5 Your Gums are Bleedin' Guv
6 Just, the US
7 I've seen enough
8 LeftFarquen Ta
9 My Daddy Duex
10 45 Gallon Syringe
11 Your Mothers Underwear
12 The Embodiment of 21st c Hip-Hop

Not much to say except
HOMEPAGE plus mp3s etc.
thyne erotique
extreme electronics cd004
cd from 2004
9 trx from the archetype.
goulburn poultry fanciers society cd006
"straight outta goulburn"
hip hop degenerates stop in here for 32 trak comp from goulburns
finest g in the hood.
features:-all your usual suspects and more ie maladroit,7U?,anti -cati,shipwrecked pussy splatter,dsico,al corrupt,misanthrope,bint ,null object,mc bushpig,rank sinatra and more

systematic frankenstein ep
17 trks of harsh noise and abstract compositions dating from 1995-2004 compiled by the archetype "vice chancellor fraughman"
toecutter live in brussels
recorded 28th march 2004,while on tour in europe with sickboy and shitmat.includes 3 bonus trx.
you are dead!
mix by dj zeitgeist
features passenger of shit ,sonic belligeranza,.A.N.T.I.,mouse,soul psychadelicide ,dr death ,fraughman,zip le robot and more