Mixtapes for DLD.

1. Download these "mixtapes"
2. Attach cassette recorder to computer
3. Record music on to cassette (a little bit of the red isnb't a bad thing)
4. Smash computer.
6. Steal car with full tank and casette player.
5. Drive west until you hit the ocean.
Legs Le Brock, "Los Angeles for an Australian", 2004
DJ Toecutter, "Genuine Displeasure", 1999
DJ Toecutter, "Covers Tape", 2000
Dame Darcy's Favourites, 2000
DJ Anal Erection, "Bootylastik", 2001
DJ Vague As minidisc
with luck we will soon have the Passenger of Shit "WORLD OF GOLEMS" cassette here very soon!
featuring CURSE OV DIALECT live on 2SER, rare LISA SUCKDOG, noise, screaming,
YMO, techno, advirtisements, GABBA, traditional european folk music, and mcuh much more unknown shit!!