Party 3: Free NRG Future


review as seen in the zine

Po Box 530 west ryde 1658 nsw

Upon the glaring full moon
we walked down the 800m path that led to the party, worried about cloudy
weather I had managed to forget lots of stuff like umbrellas towels and
more clothes. but i figured that it did not matter, and it didn't.

I was enjoying walking
onto the beach and being greeted by a lack of economic details - a free
party automatically has more of an atmosphere than anything else, its
very come as you are.

The music cranked back
up when we got there at about 1am an Gonzo the busdriver played tastefull
chilled out music for a little while before Monkey Mark played a series
of chunky and attention grabbing tunes, as the SYSTEM CORRUPT PA kicked
in just down the beach. Hardcore, fast techno, and and hard techno (all
vaguely similar but tastefull)pumped from that end of the beach all night.
DJ MANSON was a highlight for me at that point, his dawn/daylight set
making me jump in all 4 directions at once in a cleansing dance, shaking
sand in all directions.

There was much fun and
atmosphere at the other PA, with OMS NOT BOMBS and Monkey Mark rocking
my little world with previews of their Actavista release and chunky beats
coming out of their PA untill sometime after dawn there was no more firestick
play, or gas lamps on the beach and the phosphorous had faded away into
the stretches of daylight that crept over the industrial horizon, so close
to where Captain Cook landed his stupid boat all those years ago. when
the generator cranked out and died after dawn everyone just huddled under
the giant tarp and chilled out, like a house party at that vague stage
when some ones tripped over the stereo cord and nobody notices for ages
cause they re caught in the moment.

DJ Daturaj was playing
at the time though, and his music was making me hungry for more dance,
so I had to go jump in the ocean, cathartically and pretend to swim out
to the harbour as I floated in the misty drizzly atmosphere.

and OMS NOT BOMBS/LABRATS for putting on a partyto catch the diversified
energy at the end of summer of the new millenium, a week after mardi gras
under the fool moon, making us all wired. Hugs...